Early Harvest Koroneiki Variety | Pollock Collection by Terracota Mérida

Pollock serves as inspiration for this limited edition of hand-painted bottles, each one different, in which the abstract leads us to an early harvest EVOO that is explosive in its flavor, from a rare Koroneiki variety, of Greek origin that is characterized for its quality and balance.

It is ideal for those who opt for strong and intense flavors. In the mouth, sweet notes are mixed with spicy and bitter touches. However, its aroma highlights its intense herbal and fruity aromatic notes of apple, almond and banana.

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The strength of each brushstroke anticipates its special soul, creativity in essence. The Pollock by Terracota Mérida Early Harvest collection contains a balanced variety with a fruity tendency, extracted from Koroneiki olives from traditional olive trees in the Extremaduran countryside. It is tradition and it is avant-garde, it is what we are; art in its purest form.

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Weight 1000 g



Fondo blanco roto, Multicolor a pinceladas diferentes


Variedad Koroneiki, olivar extremeño..
La aceituna Koroneiki es una variedad tradicional del Grecia que se adapta perfectamente al clima extremeño. Tiene un sabor suave y afrutado


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