Normal Harvest Verdial from Badajoz Variety | Chumbera Collection

Brushstroke by brushstroke the Verdial of Badajoz Edition | Chumbera Collection tells us, in unique hand-painted bottles, about the Extremaduran landscape; full of prickly pears and reeds, fig trees and olive trees. Extra Virgin Olive Oil with flavor of countryside and life, made in Spain

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You, my friend, are bitter and spicy, I like your strong character. I enjoy it. If I look into your golden and shiny eyes, you remind me the fresh grass and the green almond of the field in spring, I would say that you have that sweetness of apple and banana.

You, my friend, are 100% Extremeño and you are all heart, like the people of Oliva de Merida and the land that saw you grow up.

In the heart of Badajoz, where the sun weaves its golden tapestry,
Lies a treasure born from earth and sun, a gift to you and me.

You, my friend, are Oliva & Oliva, Verdial from Badajoz edition EVOO.

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Weight 1000 g



Coral, Leaf, Curry, Multicolor


Verdial from Badajoz Variety, Typical from Extremadura, a region in the southwest of Spain.
The Spanish olive grove has many verdiales varieties and they are differentiated by the harvest area.


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